I wish, I wish, I wish…

Once upon a time, there was a dedicated conveyancer who wanted to make home-moving a better experience. She imagined a world where everyone worked together in harmony to assist their customers and considered how simple conveyancing would be without the stress, anxiety and discord of stakeholders blaming each other for any delays.

She dreamed about receiving calls from effusive clients, thanking her for her help with lots of recommendations from local estate agents. She really believed she could make the difference.
She talked to lots of grumpy conveyancers who told her that her dreams couldn’t come true because she could never please estate agents, clients were difficult and demanding and all she could hope for would be a few thank you cards and a permanent need for a glass of wine at the end of each working day.

However, the dedicated conveyancer refused to listen to the grumpy conveyancers and started to put together a plan to make her dreams come true. She talked to local estate agents about their challenges, she asked consumers what they wanted and needed when moving home and then she looked at the barriers to delivering the kind of service she knew everybody wanted.

She looked at how information is delivered and was shocked to realise that most updates are only given if asked for. The only way that her clients could find out what was going on was by calling or emailing her. Likewise, the estate agents could only progress their sales by calling or emailing her directly. She realised most of her valuable time was taken up by reacting and responding to requests for information instead of doing the work she was engaged to do, which in turn, made her inefficient and therefore not the conveyancing hero she dreamed she could be.

She knew from her conversations with estate agents and clients that they prized communication and transparency above any other quality in a lawyer so how could she ever find the time to be all things to everyone? She sat at home with her glass of wine and wished for a better world with all her heart.
Suddenly, the Fairy Time Mother appeared and offered to grant her 3 wishes –

1. To be have the technology and systems to communicate progress with all stakeholders without picking up the phone, to send and receive documents securely without relying on the postal service and to be able to check ID and AML checks without face to face meetings and risking clients’ security.

2. To be able to have a meeting with all stakeholders at once without anyone having to travel or find meeting rooms.

3. The training to be able to deal with the most difficult and demanding people, so that she was able to manage expectations, be seen to be doing her best at all times and to be recognised as an expert in her field.

The Fairy Time Mother had no hesitation in granting her 3 wishes and within just one year, our dedicated conveyancer’s dreams really did come true!

The great news is that you don’t need a Fairy Time Mother to grant you these 3 wishes! Everything the dedicated conveyancer wanted is available now and all you have to do is make it happen!
What are your 3 wishes and why?