My Services

My Services

Every firm is different and each lawyer is unique so CY Training Works provides tailored solutions to your specific challenges. However, there are three recurring challenges our core training modules focus on:

With Your Client

If you are a fee earner, questioning your vocation for the business and wondering why everyone involved in the transaction seems to want to challenge your expertise, the speed at which you are working and your understanding of their situation, I can share proven solutions to effectively manage difficult people and improve your customer’s experience.

With Your Team

If you are a Head of Department, anxious about retaining your good staff and maintaining morale, I can help improve team work and job satisfaction and at the same time, deliver an exceptional service to your customers.

With New Customers

If you are a business owner or Partner and wondering why the new enquiries generated by your marketing fail to turn into business, I can help you convert your inbound leads into instructions and at profitable fees.

With Existing Customers

If you are responsible for business development or want to grow your law firm and wonder why your conveyancing customers don’t come back for other services, I can help you to develop strategies for customer relationship management and interdepartmental referrals.